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Google Patents

Google’s ranking secrets were, at least partly, revealed by the legal publication of Google’s patent application 20050071741 “Information retrieval based on historical data”, disclosing “a system which identifies a document and obtains one or more types of history data associated with the document. The system may generate a score for the document based, at least in part, on the one or more types of history data.”

The disclosed US patent application details many points that Google uses to rank web pages and it confirms the existence of the Google sandbox and that it can apply to all web pages.

Not only Google’s famous US20050071741 patent disclosure, but many more patents and patent applications may contribute to the understanding of – and benefiting from – the techniques Google is using or may intend to use.

This publication comprises a collection of no less than 240 full text patents and patent applications which were filed by Google ® and disclosed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the US Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO) up to March 2007.

This brand new DIB publication "Google's Patent" is intended to contribute to further successful developments and booming business.

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